Daniel LEVY of Guernsey, Channel Islands #general

Sue Levy

This is a very long shot.

Daniel LEVY was the youngest son of Mark LEVY (b. Plymouth, England 1800, d.
Guernsey 1848) and his wife Mary (nee LAMBERT, b. Christchurch, Dorset 1804,
d. Guernsey 1839), born in the Channel Islands about 1837.

Daniel's last address that we can find was in Devon, England in the 1851
census, when he was living with a MARKS family, presumably his stepmother's
brother and family. After that he could have gone anywhere - America
perhaps. Who knows?

Daniel's siblings all made their way to Australia and New Zealand in the
1850-60s and we have masses of detail about their descendants and their

The picture would be complete if we could track down a family tree with him
near the head, or find evidence of his death.

Any help would be appreciated. More information available to anyone who
recognizes him.

Sue Levy
Perth, Australia

Researching LEVY (Devon, Channel Islands, Australia, NZ); MORDECAI LEVI
(Devon, NZ, Australia)

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