help finding 1920 census ED #general

Wendy Griswold

Hi, cousins.
I once again admit defeat and throw myself on the mercy of the kind
folks who *get* this stuff.

Looking for 22 or 32 Ridge Street (the handwriting on the document I'm
working with is not so great, but they should be on the same block),
NYC. It's ED 142 for the 1930 census. It's AD 4, ED 6 for the 1915
State Census.

As I read the ED finder tool, it should be 1, 13, or 14 for 1920, but
these census rolls don't seem to contain the address I'm looking for.

Before anyone undertakes a wild goose chase on my behalf, truth in
advertising: I have the address confirmed for 1919 but not 1920, so
I'm operating on a wish and a prayer. My party is not at that address
on the 1915 census.

All help welcome.

Wendy Griswold
Pittsfield MA

Searching: BLITZ, PFEIFFER/FEIFER, any spelling, Zurawno
DWASS, SOROKOFF, any spelling, Ekaterinoslav area

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