how to communicate family news to the post-email generation? #general

Trudy Barch

To all genealogists, please help me solve my current problem.

I send a family newsletter annually to family members via Email and for
those without computers Smail. I am pleased to say that many relatives
respond with thank you for all you do, which of course boosts my ego to
continue towards next year.

But my problem is with the younger generation that do not look at their
emails - just their cell phones and Facebook. I put a general message on
Facebook that the newsletter has been sent to their Email address. But it
means nothing to them - they do not look at their Email account.

I will not post the newsletter on FB as there is much too much personal
information in it (current and past)

Any ideas, thoughts on how I can reach out to the younger generation? I
would like them to learn about their family ancestors also.

Thank you for all and every idea you might have.

Trudy Barch, Chicagoland

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