Initials "RJC" on foreign passports entering France, 1920-30? #general

Lemberski Evelyne


I wish that someone would know the meaning of the initials on
foreign passports years 1922 France: R C J with a date.

Polish passport on my maternal grandfather after his arrival in
France in 1922 it was reported by the French authorities mention the
R C J with a date. I also found this reference R C J with a date on
the Romanian passport my great aunt in 1925. This indication was
given 7 years after the arrival of my great aunt France on this
Romanian passport may be by French autorities

If you know the meaning of the initials RCJ with a date on foreign
passports in the years 1920/1930 in France and the name of the French
authority was empowered to clearly labeled, do not hesitate to contact
me please to the following email address: evelynelemberski@...

Evelyne Lemberski

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