PULVER/FRANKFELDER from Westheim, Unterfranken, Germany #general

Liz Hanellin

Hello all,

Is there an archive that I contact that will have records regarding the Jews
who lived in Westheim (bei Hassfurt), Germany, in the 1800s and early 1900s?
Or is there a record specifically of their births, marriages and deaths
similar to the one that exists for the Jews of Untereisenheim, which was nearby?

In particular, I am looking for the birth, marriage and/or death records of
Isaac PULVER/PULFER and his first wife Karolina geb.FRANKFELDER. I don't know
any of their vital statistics, so any details would be great, but most
especially I would like to know the names of their parents. On either Ancestry
or Family Search I found reference to "Karoline Frankfelder" in one of her
daughters' death records in the U.S. (which is how I know her family name), but
otherwise the only record I have is of her first name >from the Untereisenheim
records, where she is mentioned with Isaac.

Their first child (my great-grandmother, Marianna) was born in 1871, so we can
maybe guess backwards that Isaac and Karolina were probably born in the late
1840s or early 1850s. Karolina's last child was born in 1878 and the next wife
-- whose name was Betty Schloss (I have her birthdate and parents' names) --
gave birth to her first child sometime around 1889. Again, we can count
backward and assume Karolina passed away between 1878-1888 or so. Finally, as
far as I can tell, Betty had four additional children including one born in
1902, so Isaac was alive until then (or at least nine months before then!) or
even later.

Thank you for your thoughts and insights. And, of course, if you are a
PULVER/PULFER, FRANKFELDER or SCHLOSS >from that area, I would love to hear
from you.

Liz Hanellin

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