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Paul Silverstone

Dear Joke,

My notes on the Dora have little on the Belgian side of this voyage. She
stopped at Vlissingen (Flushing) and then Antwerp, where she picked up about
120 more people, in addition to the about 500 who sailed >from Holland.

Dora landed her passengers without being caught. This was the only voyage
with refugees >from Western Europe before the war.

I have the statement of an unidentified Polish man who sailed on the ship
from Amsterdam. This is >from the British archives.
Paul Silverstone

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On 7/5/2016 12:25 AM, Joke Stans <stansjoke@... wrote>:
I am a student at the University of Antwerp, Belgium. Currently, I am writing
a master thesis about a Jewish refugee ship named 'the Dora'. This illegal
boat (Aliyah Beth) sailed >from Amsterdam (with a stopover in Antwerp on 17
July 1939) to Palestine and arrived on 12 august 1939 in Sheffaym beach. I'm
doing research on the passengers who embarked in Antwerp and on the
organisation of this illegal zionist undertaking (Belgian perspective).

I hope to find more information concerning the contacts between the Belgian
authorities/leaders and the Palestinian, British and Dutch embassies (a lot
of organization on account Dutch Jewish Committee) or other representatives
in the case of the Dora.

Maybe there is also information about the contacts between Belgian Jewish
committees (Belgian Zionist Federation, Jewish relief committees in Antwerp
and Brussels), and the governmental authorities or between different Jewish
organisations (Hagana who organized this trip, HICEM, Mossad l'Aliyah bet,
Joint, Dutch Jewish committees). I already found some documents in a limited
extent in the State Archives in Brussels (only 5 pages).

The only thing I can say is that the Belgian government offered assistance
for this trip, but denied their share towards British emmissaries.

I do not really know who took the leading in this undertaking in Belgium, but
I think Max GOTTSCHALK had a role in this boat trip organisation. Also the
TORCZYNER and KUBOWITSKY families were involved in one way or another.

I'm also searching for databases and information about the places where the
passengers on my ship did the Hachshara. I already saw on the site that there
is a database for training farms in Germany.

I Also found out that some people did their Hachshara in Villers-la-Ville
(Belgium). Because a lot of the passengers on the Dora came to Belgium from
Austria and Poland I'm searching for lists of the hachshara in Poland and
Austria. I think the majority of the passengers did somewhere the hachshara,
but there is big gap in my resources.

I write to you in the hope of finding more information about this ship or to
know where I can find useful database.

I would kindly wish to request more information (all possible data) about
this theme.

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