Travel to Eastern Europe in 2018 #general

Michelle Sandler

I have a disabled back and I am on SSI and Medicare at 59 1/2. I am
also prone to a major anxiety attack once a month. If I can figure
out how to go comfortably to the IAJGS Convention in Eastern Europe in
2018, how easy is it to spend 3 weeks traveling around Poland,
Lithuania, Ukraine, Belarus for three weeks afterwards going to family
shtetls? I have 13 shtetls I would like to visit.
Radom Poland - Bleiweiss, Dynerman
Szydlowiec Poland - Lebenbaum, Honigman
Przysucha Poland - Israelowicz, Krygier
Borisov Belarus - Mebel, Klebanoff
Panevezys Lithuania - Sandler, Berchunsky
Vilnius Lithuania - Gennis, Rabinovitz, Ginsburg
Shumskoye Ukraine - Dzhalo
Kremenets Ukraine - Diamond
Starokonstantinov Ukraine - Lessenker
Berdichev Ukraine - ?
Chernigov Ukraine - Malkov
Ternopil Ukraine - Altman
Br'ansk Russia - Raskin-Ruskin

Is there anything Jewish left that is worth seeing in these shtetls?
I previously asked about Jewish Cemeteries and I saved all that

Michelle Sandler
Westminster, CA
I have been a Jewish Genealogist for 32 years

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