Re: Two immigrants, same name: one real, one fake #general


If you look up two immigrants on (One is indexed as Elie
LITKOWECKY, 1906, the other as Elie SITKOWETZKY) you will see one
recorded in the Rosenbaum Bank and the other in the Blitztein Bank.
These two Philadelphia banks served as places where steamship tickets
could be purchased in the US for the use of immigrants.
See: the Pennsylvania section under Jewishgen>Databases>United States

I believe that the sponsor, Dr, Fischer, bought the 1906 ticket for the
real Elie who, for some reason, was unable to travel at that time. Since
he was married when he arrived 1907, it may have been that he needed an
additional ticket for his wife. The ticket, under his name, would have
been available for someone else to use.

Dr. Fischer then used the other immigrant bank in 1907 to finance the
real Elie and his wife.

David Rosen
Boston, MA

On 7/10/2016 11:19 PM, Adam Goodheart wrote:
Can anyone clarify the circumstances that might cause an immigrant to
travel fraudulently using someone else's name and identity?

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