Re: Russian West Point and Medals?? #general

Igor Holyboroda

Earlier the case was discussed:
"His grandchildren said he trained in the "Russian West Point" and that he was
highly decorated, and particularly remember seeing a large gold medal. My
question is, what could this "Russian West Point" be, and what might he have
done to get a large gold medal?

Gadalia ZAMALIN's grandson said that he was in the military working as a
scribe (yes, it does seem like the typical tale), when edicts were passed and
he lost everything, including his job and pension."

In the response to this post it was explained:
"Russian "West Point" was known as Imperial Nicolas Military Academy. Since
Academy trained Imperial Russian Army officers with higher military education
and military land surveyors"

This explanation may make sense - the best graduating students of Russian Mil
Academies could have been awarded by the (big/small) golden medals.

At the same time there are some contradictions in all this story making it
1. As a rule military scribe could not have the officer's rank, in particular
in the (Russian) Army.
2. A (religious) Jew could not have been the Imperial Russian Army officer,
especially the student of the elite military Academy for the best army
professionals already having the officer's rank. In given case it was
theoretically possible only for the person baptized (into the Russian Orthodox

I think that the person in question may really have been serving as a scribe
(probably non-commissioned officer) in a mil academy having a numerous stuff.
As a successful professional in his sphere he may have got some award (the
Russian award possible in given case may be researched separately). Other
possibilities (his officer's rank and especially the studies in the Imperial
Russian elite mil educational institution) in given case are supposed to be
practically impossible.


Igor Holyboroda,
Lviv, Ukraine.

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