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Shelley Mitchell

Thank you for trying to help. I'll give you the steps I've taken and what I've
learned. Maybe that will help someone else.

The only information I have is that Rose was married to Mr. Morganstern and
they had a son named Louis. Little is known about Louis's parents. Our Louis
Morganstern married Pearl Waltzer (b. 1920). I don't know the year but since
their first born (named after Rose) was born in 1945, I concluded that Rose
died before 1944. Neither of Louis's parents were around when he married.
Louis and Pearl met on the Lower East Side where Louis was working. Our
Louis's second born's name begins with a J. I concluded he was named after
Rose's husband.

Our Louis was originally buried at King Solomon in New Jersey but was
reinterred by his widow at Eternal Light in Boynton Beach about 15 years ago
when she moved to Florida. He's in their Mausoleum, as is his widow. I checked
Findagrave and found no information on Louis or his mother Rose. I checked
Ancestry for an obituary but no article appeared. I would have thought that
her story would have hit some periodical since I saw similar articles in
obituaries on Ancestry.

I found 2 censuses for a Joseph and Rose Morgenstern who had a son named Louis.
In 1930, this Louis was 18 (b. 1912) and in 1940 (age 28) he was out of the
house. So these Morgensterns were alive in 1940. Our Louis and Pearl had their
first child in 1945 so Louis would have married by 1944. But I can't find
Louis's marriage record either. For that I checked both Ancestry and
Familysearch. I don't know when Rose died but if she died, per choice c, she
might have been a widow at the time of death. My best guess is that she was
taken to Bellevue. That's where most Lower East Side Jews went for births and
deaths. Our Louis was a Kohanim.

Thanks for trying to help.

Shelley Mitchell

Barbara Mannlein <> wrote:

Shelley asked for direct responses, but her query may be of help to others.

In order for us to help, you have to provide more detail for us.
Can you supply:
1. Her age at time of death?
2. Place of birth?
3. Marital status?
3. Any other details such as parents’ or spouse’s names?

The above info helps us narrow the field and eliminate candidates...
On Jul 12, 2016, at 9:35 AM, Shelley Mitchell wrote:
“ grandmother. …… her first name was Rose and her married name was
MORGANSTERN. The family story is that while she was cooking a meal for the
Jewish holidays, her apron caught fire.
She suffered severe burns and was taken to the hospital (probably Bellevue)
where she died.
This occurred most likely on the Lower East Side.

Time period - sometime before 1943. I'm guessing 1930 - 1943.

I've looked in Ancestry, Familysearch, and Jewishgen.
I've tried to find her name in death records and some newspapers.
Does anyone have any ideas about what else I can do next?

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