Re: She died in a fire in NYC #general

A. E. Jordan

From: Shelley Mitchell
...She knows that her first name was Rose and her married last name was
MORGANSTERN. The family story is that while she was cooking a meal for the
Jewish holidays, her apron caught fire. She suffered severe burns and was
taken to the hospital (probably Bellevue) where she died. This occurred most
likely on the Lower East Side.

The time period is sometime before 1943. I'm guessing 1930 - 1943...
Not trying to single anyone out ... but this is a good example of problem
solving and how to make the search a little easier.

Do you know her approximate birth date? Do you know her husband's name?

Use the facts you know and start with the most basic of searches which is the
US Census. Is she in the 1930 Census? What does that tell you about her, ie
address, age, etc.

Is she in the 1940 Census? Can you find her husband in the 1940 Census? In he
is at the same address it is likely you have the address for where this might
have happened. Of course if she is in the 1940 Census that changes you date
window. Always use basic searches to narrow you date window -- or as I say
put a ring around your dates and try to close the range as much as possible.

You might get lucky and search the NY Times -- which is entirely digital --
and find her death notice or because of the odd circumstances even a news story.

Do you know when the husband died and more importantly where he was buried? He
might he buried next to the wife.

Also try using the Morse One Step tool which is the most basic for NYC vital
records. It has the NYC Death Index and I did a quick search on Rose and sounds
line Morganstern in case the spelling was off. (You could also put wild cards
in for all the vowels when you search.) I assumed she was anywhere between age
20 and 100. That search along gave me three possibilities and over 100 total

These steps alone should make this type of searching much easier. There's more
but I wanted to keep this basic on how to tackle this type of search. It is
likely because of the circumstances there could be a medical examiner's
investigation for example but I would reserve that for a later date once the
basics on the death have been established.

Allan Jordan

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