Re: Searching for Queens New York death certificate #general

A. E. Jordan

Rose Miriam Raymen wrote:
her grandmother Florence Elizabeth KILGOUR's death certificate. Florence was born
in England in 1908 and died in Briarwood, Queens, New York on 11 September 1972 ...
if someone living in New York could check the Queens New York death index for this
individual as the New York City Archives are unable to locate her death certificate

New York City has closed down our access to the death index. The Health Department
went to the NY Public Library and demanded the return of their files. So we have
no access and the information is only available to direct family members.

If you tried the death and got a not found letter it is possible that the Health
Department missed the certificate possibly because of a spelling difference or
other differences versus what you said on the request or a simple oversight. Or it
is very possible she died outside the confines of New York City. Since Queens is
so close to Nassau County it is very possible that the ambulance crossed the line
and took her to a Nassau hospital. It might be worth a try or else widen the
parameters nd re try the Health Department.

Allan Jordan

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