Zamosc (Lublin) Area Updates to the JRI-Poland Database #general

Shelley K. Pollero

Zamosc (Lublin) Area Updates to the JRI-Poland Database

JRI-Poland is delighted to announce the following additions and updates to our data
base. The following towns have been linked to the online images provided by the
Lublin and Zamosc branches of the Polish State Archives and many of these towns now
include additional years never before indexed. Furthermore, we have "modernized"
the datasets, providing corrections, additions that the LDS missed when they
microfilmed, and in many cases, adding Jewish vital record information >from the
period 1810-1825 >from civil registrars kept by the Catholic churches before 1826.
More is being worked on, but please visit, search for new data
for your Zamosc area ancestors, and consider making a donation to JRI-Poland to
further our work!

The Zamosc Area Towns with Updated Data:
Bilgoraj - includes pre-1826
Izbica - Tarnogora
Jozefow (Jozefow Ordynacki)
Komorow Osada
Krylow - includes pre-1826
Szczebrzeszyn - includes pre-1826
Tarnogrod - includes pre-1826
Turobin - includes pre-1826
City of Zamosc

Special thanks to the following people who participated in this very large project!
Special apologies to anyone accidentally left off the list!

Ruth Silver, Max Wald, Smadar Gilboa, David Dubin, Robert Pullman, Mady Land,
Howard Fink, Hadassah Lipsius, David Price, Michael Tobias and Stanley Diamond.
Thanks for your patience and persistence!

Shelley Pollero
Zamosc Archives Coordinator,
Severna Park, Maryland
Robinn Magid
Lublin Archives Coordinator,
Berkeley, California

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