How to attend the IAJGS conference when you can't get to Seattle #general

Janette Silverman <cochairs@...>

My Co-Chairs and I know >from the emails we get, that there are so many people who
want to attend the upcoming conference in Seattle, Aug 7-12,but who just can't
fit the conference into their calendar or their budget. Although virtually
attending the conference isn't as fabulous as being there, it does provide access
to about 90% of all of the conference sessions. We also know that many of the
attendees are frustrated at not being to attend every session, and since there are
over 235 sessions, that's obviously physically impossible, so we have solutions for

There are two ways to hear/see what's happening at the conference, and they work
well together. I'll briefly describe each of them, since their titles may not
be descriptive enough. The first is LIVE! This provides live streaming of sessions
by some of our most popular speakers. This means that if you have the time,
you can watch (and hear) the sessions as they are being presented, as if you were
there! The conference is in Seattle, Washington, so the time of each session is
listed in Pacific Daylight Time (UTC/GMT -7 hours). If you don't have time to tune
in while the session is streaming, no worries. After the conference is over, you
have 90 days to access the session "on demand".

The other way to hear the sessions is to purchase the audio/slides recording.
Almost all of the sessions at the conference are being recorded(voice only) with
the slides the presenter is using. Some presenters do not have their slides being
recorded, in which case, the recording of that session is only audio. If you
purchase this, you will receive the whole package a few weeks after the conference
is over and be able to listen to the presentation and see the slides at your
leisure. Not all presentations that are on LIVE! are having audio recordings made.

To purchase LIVE! and/or the audio and slides, go to the IAJGS 2016
website ( then, under the registration tab,
Select New Registration;
Click "Go to Registration Form (for starting out)" near the bottom;
Click the gray New Registration button;
Enter your personal information and click Continue;
Select 5. Full LIVE! only (not attending in Seattle) or
7. Full LIVE! & Full Audio/slides (not attending in Seattle) and
continue to the end.

Of course, if you are attending the conference and want to purchase the
packages, there are options on the menu above to do that as well.

Looking forward to seeing many of you in Seattle!

Janette Silverman, Chuck Weinstein and Phyllis Grossman
Conference Co-Chairs

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