JGS of Maryland July 24 program #general

Susan Steeble

Speaker: Israel Pickholtz
Title: “Beyond a Reasonable Doubt: What We Know vs. What We Can Prove”
Date and Time: Sunday, July 24, 2016, 1:30 p.m.
Location: Hadassah meeting room, 3723 Old Court Rd (Dumbarton Offices entrance),
Pikesville, MD

Please join us on Sunday, July 24, 2016, for our next program, “Beyond a Reasonable
Doubt: What We Know vs. What We Can Prove,” presented by Israel Pickholtz.

What do you do when the hard proofs just aren’t there, but you are as
sure as you can be of what they would show if you could find them? If
you fold your hands and wait, you may never get anywhere with your
research, but if you accept your suppositions as fact, they may never
be questioned again—not by you, and certainly not by your research
heirs. This presentation will use examples >from the east Galician single-surname
Pikholz Project to consider when you need to determine whether what you know
is beyond a reasonable doubt and if that is, indeed, good enough.

Israel Pickholtz, a native of Pittsburgh, made aliyah in 1973 from
Chicago and now lives in Jerusalem. He has done serious family
research for nearly 20 years. His flagship work is the Pikholz
Project, a single-surname project to identify and reconnect all
Pikholz descendants. Alongside his work as a professional genealogist,
taking clients in Israel and abroad, he became heavily involved in
genetic genealogy in 2013. He manages test kits of more than 80 family
members, at last count. Last summer, he published a book, ENDOGAMY:
One Family, One People (available at www.endogamy-one-family.com). He
blogs at http://allmyforeparents.blogspot.com.

The program is free for paid members and $5 for non-members (applied to membership
fee when a visitor joins JGSMD) after their first meeting. Refreshments
will be available. Please check our web site at www.jgsmd.org for
late updates and for the time, location, and program of future meetings.

Susan Steeble
Baltimore, MD
JGSMD Public Relations

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