Passenger list for Aron Rosett #general

Walter Rosett

I have many records related to my great uncle Adolphe Rosette aka Arnold
Rosett b 1868 (abt) except a passenger list or naturalization record.
Supposedly he arrived and was married in 1888 (>from 1900 Census). I suspect
that he lived in NY until 1895 then moved to Baltimore. He died in
Baltimore in 1916. Later his widow Sophie Woloseff stated she was
naturalized by marriage 1 Jun 1890. Sophie was a cousin and her mother was
a Rosett. I could find no marriage record in NY. It is possible that he
married before leaving the old country. Needless to say all names and dates
may not be accurate.

The only record I could find that might be related to his arrival was a
Hamburg passenger list for Aron Rosett b 1868 departing 8 Sept 1889 >from
Hamburg to NY by way of Glasgow on the ship, Coblenz (record on He was >from "Wittebsk, Russland" which matches the origin of
his brother Joshua who arrived in 1891 in NY >from Vitebsk through Hamburg.
No other record matches my relative this closely. Unfortunately I cannot
find any record of US arrival at any port, or ship >from Glasgow or Canada.
The ship did not sink since it was in use for years after. I wonder if
someone has more knowledge, luck or ability to help out. In addition, in
the 1900 census he was listed as naturalized and although I can find an
index card with minimal information in Maryland and one in NY that could
possibly related I can find no actual record. The one service said it
would be in Philadelphia and Philadelphia said it would be in Maryland. The
pages of other records and newspaper articles about him offer no useful
information in this regard.

Walter Rosett
Albuquerque NM

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