Re: Help needed: STOLOFF and BELZIN (Lithuania) and SPECTOR (Ukraine) #general

Shelley Mitchell

Simon Wittaker requested suggestions. Here are mine:

First suggestion: when you go to Jewishgen databases, don't limit
yourself to where your grandparents said they were from.

My grandfather said he was >from Kiev and my grandmother said she was
from Odessa. Wrong. They were just naming major cities. Turned out my
grandfather was >from what is now Moldavia and my grandmother lived in a
small town in Podolsk not far >from Odessa. But now that boundaries have
changed, I had to look for my grandmother in the Ukraine. The capital of
Ukraine is Kiev and for years I was lost looking for my grandfather there.

Second suggestion: the ship manifests >from Russia should say who they
left behind and what town that person was in. Some might indicate the
town they departed from; not their home town. I don't know what the
British version of those manifests would say.

Good Luck.

Shelley Mitchell

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