Re: Where is Bergen County Cemetery, Paterson, NJ - 1923 burial #general

Ann Rabinowitz

Another resource to use when looking for locations such as 3700 Fort
Hamilton Parkway is one of the many location sites. I used When I plugged in the address, I found a cemetery
in Brooklyn pop up not one in Paterson, NJ. It is Greenwood Cemetery
and it has an online database which can be used to look up burials.

When plugging in the name of the original posters relative, NEINKEN,
it doesn't appear. However, one note for the cemetery is that not
all burials are presently in the database, so contacting the cemetery
could be done.

Further searching in the resources suggested in a prior response to
this inquiry might bring up clearer info on the burial.

Despite there not being a 3700 Fort Hamilton Parkway in Paterson, NJ,
the town does have an Alexander Hamilton connection as Alexander
Hamilton, George Washington and General Lafayette had a picnic at the
Great Falls. There is also a Hamilton Avenue.

Ann Rabinowitz

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