Refael ReSHaCH - dayan in Krakow, d. 1758 #general

Yaron Pedhazur

Dear fellow researchers,

Rabbi Refael ReSHa"CH was a "dayan" in Krakow during the first half of
the 18th century, and died there in 1758. He was descending >from Rabbi
Yehoshua "Charif" of Krakow, author of Meginei Shlomo, via his son-in-law,
R' Shalom Schachna KATZ of Krakow (died there in 1685).

In a new blog post, a first in a series on R' Refael and his family, you
would find new discoveries on the lineage leading to the "Meginei Shlomo",
and also further mysteries and questions on the "yichus": [MODERATOR: Yaron's blog is in Hebrew]

In the next posts (not yet published) it would be shown how multiple
families in Krakow of the 19-20th century descended >from R' Refael,
probably not knowing of his mere existence.

I would appreciate any further info on R' Refael and his ancestors,
as well as any original family traditions leading to R' Refael
(not based on the known Hebrew literature on old Krakow - which was
already covered).

Please respond privately to:

yarpd at yahoo dot com.

Thank you very much,

Yaron Pedhazur
Tel Aviv, Israel

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