New and Updated Databases on IGRA Website #general

Elena Bazes

IGRA has just released new and updated databases on its website.

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New Databases:

1. Marriage Registrations in Jerusalem: 1905-1913

A partial list found in the Archive of the Council of the Sephardi and
Oriental Communities in Jerusalem of over 1,000 couples and include
the date of their marriage and their fathers' names. The Council has
given IGRA permission to publish this database.

2. Elected Officials: 2008 Regional Elections

A list of over 2,000 elected officials' names in regional elections
throughout Israel.

3. Candidates for 2012 Regional Elections

A list of almost 5,000 candidates' names in regional elections
throughout Israel.

4. List of Rabbis for Marriage Ceremonies 2016

A list of over 1,700 rabbis who may conduct marriage ceremonies in Israel.

5. National List of Mohalim 2012

A list of almost 400 mohalim who are licensed to perform a Brit Milah
(ritual circumcision) in Israel.

6. Mishmar Ha'Emek and Shomriya Archives

A list of over 2,000 names >from Kibbutz Mishmar Ha'Emek and Shomriya

7. Journalists >from the Association of Palestine Journalists: 1945 and 1948

A list of journalists >from the Association of Palestine Journalists
from 1945 (over 100 journalists) and 1948 (over 70 journalists).
8. Tombstones in Israel

An index of over 8,400 tombstones throughout Israel with links to
photographs on Billion Graves.

Additions to Existing Database

1. Marriage Certificates 1927-1948

Over 2,500 additional marriage certificate have been added. This updated
database includes certificates issued during the British Mandate to
those requesting copies of their certificates. The certificates include
both old and new names (first and last), nationality and address. Some
include information about parents. This is not a list of certificates
issued by the Rabbinate.

2. Voters' List for the 1942 Knesset Elections

Close to 2,000 voters' names >from fifteen settlements has been added.
The settlements include Hanita, Kefar Gideon, Kfar Giladi-Tel Hai,
Kefar Hahoresh, Kefar Makkabi, Kefar Haroe, Kefar Hayyim, Kefar
Masaryk, Kefar Nehamya, Kefar Netter, Kefar Rupin, Kefar Tavor, Kefar
Yavitz, Kefar Yehezkel and Nahalat Yehudah.

Elena Bazes
IGRA Publicity Chairperson

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