Is there a doctor in the house? (ViewMate request, Ohio death cert, making out cause of death) #general

David W. Perle

Hi, all. First--there's *got* to be a doctor in the house, right? :)

I've posted to ViewMate the 1920 death certificate of my great-great-
grandmother Tzivia (Celia, Americanized), who died a month after
arriving in the U.S. She had last seen my great-great-grandfather
eight years earlier when he came to the U.S., and then WWI happened,
delaying the rest of the family coming to join him and others here.
But, unbeknownst to the family still in Poland, he was fatally hit
by a car in March 1918. A story goes that Tzivia basically died
from a broken heart so soon after she arrived.
And I was hoping for some help making out what this death certificate
says, to perhaps corroborate that poetic story.

However! One woman has already provided what she believes it says,
and ... I think that it now provides a way to trace back an instance
of Crohn's Disease in the family today which until now I've not been
able to trace back to anyone. Very interesting!

Okay, I don't really need a doctor. Just first thing's first - I'd like
another opinion or two on what the cause of death and the contributing
factors to death say?


David Perle
Washington, DC


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