Re: Bohemian Jewish census of 1793 #austria-czech

Henry Sinai <hmsinai@...>

Thanks to Celia Male reply to Vera Finberg regarding the 1793 census of
Jews in Bohemia, I now have another lead to the SINAI family from
Trietsch (Moravia). - And this all started with a posting about

Which only goes to show how important posting on peripheral subjects can
be, which naturally lead on to my questions:

How common was the practice to employ family tutors in the 1700s?

Is the name "LOW SINA" in combination or separately or its variations
(LOEW/LOWE with SINA or SINAI, for example) familiar to any other

Best Wishes,

Henry Sinai

Researching PERSONAL Name: SINAI (and variations)
Researching FAMILY:SINAI and variations (SZINAI, SINAJ, SYNAJ,
SINA, SINEI, etc)- Austria,Hungary, Turkey, Rest of World
TRITSCH/TRIETSCH (and variations) Central Europe
PARNES- Lemberg (Lvov), Brody, Berlin GOLDENBERG- Brody, Berlin
MOSZKOWSKI- Opole Lubelskie; Leszniow, Rzeszow, Poland
SOBEL- Opole Lubelskie; Poland WOLARSKY -Mlawa; Poland
JELLINEK - Bratislava (Pressburg), Vienna (von) KEMENY - Austria/Hungary

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