Translation from Yiddish and German #general

Jean Bennett Giorgetti

Dear Genners, I have posted 4 pages >from my great Aunt Gussie
Steigman's autograph album. All dated 1914 when she graduated from
school in New York. They are all in yiddish accept >from VM 49673 which
I mistakenly said was polish. It is instead, GERMAN.

VM 49670 is written by my greatgrandmother Jennie Steigman. I have but
a few photos of her and this is the only example of her writing that I
have. Maybe they are all just good luck wishes, but I am curious!
Any help you can give me will be appreciated. Have a wonderful day,
Jean Bennett Giorgetti
Researching - Steigman, Skoler, Sherad, Goldberg

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