B&F Encyclopedia of Jewish Genealogy with over 11,000 resources #general

Philip Trauring

On my site B&F: Jewish Genealogy & More (https://bloodandfrogs.com),
there is now a new feature, which is called the B&F Encyclopedia of
Jewish Genealogy. The encyclopedia has links to resources online
covering 200+ countries and 80+ provinces, with over 1,200 resources.
For Poland, there is additionally over 10,000 resources listed for
roughly a thousand towns in the country.

In addition to finding resources, users can also contribute resources
they know about, to help other researchers. Users can also comment on
resources, and share information, such as how they successfully used a
resource to find out information about their family.

To access the encyclopedia, go to:


and just click on a country to get started.

Philip Trauring

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