Registration rules for birth certificates, marriage and death in Poland. #general


Dear genners,

There are regularly in Poland delays in recording vital events:

Regarding births, the phenomenon is known and readily apparent:
there are sometimes delays of up to 16 years or until child is old
enough to marry. Lack of time due to the paternal work is so often mentioned.
I think there were fines, but I'm not sure: in any case, I know this
one of a child whose birth is declared several years after the event.
Then, his brother was this one who declares his birth, instead of the father
died in the meantime. His brother pretends to be an uncle of the child by
lying about his age and by indicating that he attended childbirth!
This attitude could really be explained by the possibility of a fine.

Regarding deaths, the phenomenon is quite rare, small and rather rural.
The explanation would take the dual need to bury the deceased
(which is not done in secret)and for rare delays to provide for travel
to the city where the event should be saved.

Regarding marriages, I wonder about a religious marriage celebrated in
Warsaw, the first time in December 1936 >from the wedding invitation card
and a second time in February 1939 >from the ad in the newspaper of the
Jewish community. (I do not have the registration of civil marriage.)
The only explanation I see implies the existence of a maximum legal delay
between the religious marriage and the civil marriage. I guess the official
demands that religious marriage is repeated when the engaged couple have been
slow to appear before him to formalize their civil union. I would like
mostly confirmation on this point.

Daniel Vangheluwe, FRANCE

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