Seeking Advice on Visiting Boryslav, Turka, Vaslui #general

Noah Lapidus <lapidus.noah@...>

Dear JewishGen Community-
I hope this message finds you well. Next week I leave for Eastern
Europe to fulfill a life long dream of visiting my 20 ancestral
shtetls. Studying in Vilna, I plan to travel on weekends and holidays.
My journey begins in the south, where in addition to regional
landmarks I'll visit:
(1) Boryslav, Ukraine (in particular the neighborhood and former
municipality of Wolonka)
(2) Turka, Ukraine (in particular the nearby village of Ilnyk)
(3) Vaslui, Romania
I've built an itinerary based on the limited travelogues and
itineraries found on the internet, but I figured I'd reach out to this
community for further suggestions... In particular I am looking for
details on Jewish landmarks (cemeteries, memorials, synagogues, etc.)
and the best way to navigate these towns on a college budget. I really
appreciate your insight in advance, I can be reached by email at
(Birmingham, AL)

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