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Marilyn Robinson

Hi Genners,

Here are this month's posts found on my Jewish genealogy blog

1943 Lakva (Belarus): City Map of Ghetto Uprising + Other Old Maps
(Borisov, Grodno, Minsk, Slonim, USSR)

1926 Poland: Teachers of Higher Education (#1, #2, #3)

Moscow Archives

1915-1916 Saratov: Nicholas Imperial University Jewish Students (#1)

1912 Mogilev-Podolski Voters List (#7)

1869 Vilna Jewish Recruits (#2)

1884 Ivenets (Minsk): List of Jewish Merchants

1816 Revision Lists: Jewish Tradesmen (Byshev, Gostomel, Kiev

WWI: Jews of the City of Romny & More

1923 Census: Jews of Romny

1907 Oshmiany/Ashmiany (#2)

Vilna: Bits & Pieces

Happy Digging,

Marilyn Robinson


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