11,000 online obituaries from the [San Francisco] Bay Area Reporter, 1972-2016 #general

Asparagirl <asparagirl@...>

The GLBT Historical Society has put 11,000 obituaries >from the Bay
Area Reporter online for free searches:


You can search through the obituaries by name or by date.

The Bay Area Reporter is a weekly newspaper that primarily covers the
GLBT community in the San Francisco Bay Area, and the vast majority of
the obituaries in this database are for people who died of AIDS or
AIDS-related causes, particularly prior to 1998. Most of the people
in the database were residents of the Bay Area at the time of their
death, or had previously been residents until they moved to their
family's home out-of-state as their health declined.

While this is not an explicitly Jewish genealogical source, there are
many people identifiable as Jews by their obituaries, as well as
people with traditionally-Jewish surnames, listed in the database.

- Brooke Schreier Ganz
currently in Seattle, Washington (but back to Mill Valley, California tomorrow)

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