Changing Last Names For Emigration #general

David Goldman

Hello, Jewishgenners.

My great-grandfather and two of his brothers changed their last names >from
KRASINSKY to GRUBERMAN and GOLDMAN when they left Nova Ushitza for Manchester
England around 1890. I was told that this happened because a Russian-sounding
name would be more of a problem than a German-sounding name in England in
those days because Germany and England were considered "allies."

It is also assumed they "borrowed" their new last names >from some relatives.

Now when it comes to the issue of identification, how could one have
obtained passports for a large family under a borrowed last name?! Was it
simply a matter in those days of getting a passport and the required exit
permit >from the Russian government with the right amount of bribe money?!

And how important could this issue of last names have actually been that
entire families would feel it was so urgent to Germanize their last names
when emigrating to England?

David Goldman

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