Announcing A Nacao Hebrea: Prosopography of the Portuguese Jewish Nation #general

Michael Waas


The team behind A Nacao Hebrea: Prosopography of the Portuguese Jewish
Nation, is proud to announce the formal opening of our project.

Our project, led by Drs. Aron Sterk and Florbela Veiga Frade, Ton
Tielen, and myself, and advised by a diverse set of international
scholars, is seeking to create a large-scale, interdisciplinary
database of the Portuguese Jewish Nation. The Portuguese Jewish Nation
(A Nacao Hebrea) descends mainly >from the Jews who were forcibly
converted to Catholicism in 1497 in Portugal by King Manuel. From
their historic heartland in Iberia, France, Amsterdam, London,
Hamburg, Livorno, and Venice, they spread westward into the New World,
southward into Africa, and eastward into the Ottoman Empire, even
reaching India. They lived in between worlds, living multiple
identities at the same time.

This project will seek to create a prosopographical-relational
database, allowing scholars and genealogists alike to build and
contribute information >from all aspects of the Portuguese Jewish

You can see our formal announcement here, through Avotaynu Online:
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If you are interested in more information, please don't hesitate to
email me. We are very excited to moving forward and provide a new
model for approaching Jewish History and Heritage.

Best Regards,

Michael Waas
University of Haifa, MA Candidate, Department of Jewish History

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