ProQuest-USC Shoah Foundation Launch Streaming Version of Visual History Archive #general

Jan Meisels Allen

As announced last April, ProQuest and USC Shoah Foundation, the Institute
for Visual History and Education, embarked on a landmark partnership where
ProQuest will begin distributing the USC Shoah Foundation's Visual History
Archives to colleges and universities starting during the summer of 2016.
ProQuest will be the exclusive distributor of the archive around the world
except for China. This will dramatically improve access to 53,000 video
testimonies of genocide survivors and witnesses.

The new streaming version will include ProQuest's search capabilities to
locate specific terms and ProQuest Content. More than 112,00 hours of
testimony >from survivors and witnesses of the Holocaust and other genocides
including Armenia, Rwanda and Nanjing encompass the Visual History Archive.
The interviews have been conducted in 63 countries and approximately 40
languages. Each year the Visual History Archive will grow-in 2016 1,000
testimonies >from the Holocaust as well as Cambodian and Guatemalan genocides
will be added. By late 2017, ProQuest will enable the video testimonies to
be fully cross-searched with the ProQuest content including the historical
newspapers, periodicals, magazines, government records and more,

Access to the Visual History Archive is available in libraries/archives/
institutions that subscribe to it through their ProQuest subscriptions. Not
all libraries necessarily subscribe to all of ProQuest's services. For
those libraries that subscribe to ProQuest's Historical Jewish newspapers
or History Vault with its World War ll content, may wish to add this to
their ProQuest collection enhancing the research experience.

To read the press release see:
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ProQuest is best known to us for their historical newspaper archives and for
ProQuest Day at the annual IAJGS Conference where they generously provide
access to their entire historical newspaper archives and other databases
including scholarly journals and ebooks.

To help spread the word to research libraries on this new partnership, on 19
August 60 archivists and librarians >from the Association of College &
Research Libraries (ACRL) viewed a webinar about the Visual History Archive.
To read more about this see:
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I have no affiliation with ProQuest nor the USC Shoah Foundation and am
posting this solely for the readers' information.

Jan Meisels Allen
Chairperson, IAJGS Public Records Access Monitoring Committee

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