WALD family of Zolkiew #general


Trying to trace down and make contact with descendants of Rabbi Dan
WALD Rosh Yeshiva in Lvov, later in Zolkiew and then Rosh Mesivta
Keter Torah in Bendin.

His children included Devora Reizel, born in Zolkiew in 1907, Eleazar
(Luser) WALD, born in Zolkiew in 1909, Reuben (Riwen) WALD, born in
Zolkiew in 1910 and Rivke, married, as his second wife, R. Naftali
Braunfeld of Osweicim, born in Zmigrod in 1905 and died in 1965 and
buried in Jerusalem. His first wife and family perished. He was the
editor of responsa Asifat Chachamim, published in Lublin in 1934 and
in New York in 1951-52. He lived in Washington Heights, NY.

Neil Rosenstein

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