BIRNKRANT / FAUSNER, Poland, 19th Century #general

Sheldon Dan <sheldan1955@...>

I am hoping that I can get your help once again regarding my research
into my wife's family.

My wife's grandfather was Zisha (Sam) BIRNKRANT (1870-1938), born
in Sanok, Poland. He married Nentzia (Anna) LOWENTHAL (1886-1947), of
Brzesko, Poland. Four of their children were born in Sanok: Isadore
Louis (1904-1967), Saul (1906-1992), Harry (1909-1989), and Morris
(1913-1965). They immigrated to the United States in 1921. That year,
my wife's mother, Sarah (1921-2000), was born in Pittsburgh.

Zisha was one of four children. The others were Aaron (1878-1922),
Ethel (1866-1938), and Esther (1888-1952). Ethel married Abraham
MALLINGER (1864-1923), of Prusiek, Poland, and Esther married Max
MALLINGER (1875-1927). They also settled in Pittsburgh.

According to Zisha's death certificate, his parents were Isador L.
BIRNKRANT and Sarah FORSTAR. According to his sister Ethel's death
certificate, the parents were Isadore BERENKRANTZ (sic) and Sarah

I am trying to trace Isadore as well as other branches of the family
(which have some spelling variations of the last name) to the region
around Sanok. Some relatives lived in Olszanica, near Sanok, and others
lived in other towns in the general area. In addition, I am trying
to determine my wife's great-grandmother's name. I think it could be
FASNER, FAUSNER, FOSNER, FORSTAR, or something else.

Thank you for your help.

Sheldon Dan

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