What Y-DNA Lineages Can Tell Us About Jewish History and Migration--screencast of Seattle presentation #general

Rachel Unkefer <rachelunkefer@...>

Dear JewishGen friends,

At the Seattle IAGJS Conference, many people who tried to come to my
presentation were not admitted because the room was full. The original
session was not recorded on audio or video.

This presentation might also be subtitled, "Before Belarus, my
ancestors came >from ..." because most people don't have documents to
trace their ancestors' migrations before Eastern Europe.

More advanced Y-chromosome sequencing is allowing us to make
tentative steps toward understanding migration, particularly for
Jewish men in "European" haplogroups. Sometimes we can infer
locations by comparing them with their non-Jewish DNA relatives who
share an ancestor with them 2,000 or 3,000 years back and who might
have stayed relatively stationary over more generations. I've used
examples >from 3 different Jewish clusters in 2 haplogroups to show
some surprising possible origins.

For those who wanted to see it, I've re-created the presentation
as a screencast (video). It can be viewed at the following link:


Rachel Unkefer
Central Virginia, USA

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