Given names Joel and Louis #general


I am puzzled by the two names of one of my uncles. I knew him as Louis, but
when he arrived in America in 1902 at the age of five, his name on the
ship's manifest was given as Joel. No one is now living who can tell me
more about this. I thought his tombstone might give his correct Hebrew
name, but I found that no stone had ever been erected for him. I asked
about the record at the cemetery office and they had nothing about his
Hebrew name. They directed me to the funeral home, but it no longer exists.

So the question is: is there any connection between the names Joel and
Louis or might his name have been, for example, Joel Leib?

Joy Weaver
Islip, NY

Researching: Dajbog/Daiboch, Petrushka, Paler/Palevsky, Vilner/Wilner in
Grodno Gub, Belarus

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