Mt Lebanon cemetery; HERSHON family #general


I am interested to obtain informations about the following peoples,
all inhumed in Glendale, NY- Mt. Lebanon:

Toba Tauba RECHTHAND HERSHON, deceased march 20, 1942, D-453-REAR-2
(widow of Arie Leib GERSON);
Camille HERSHON MILLER, deceased, january 23, 1941, D-453-REAR-3;
Ethel HERSHON, deceased july 16, 1950, D-453-REAR-4.
Karl HERSHON, deceased june 6, 1963, D-453-REAR-5 (born march 6, 1875,
in Warsaw or Lomza;
Jacob HERSHON, deceased april 25, 1987, D-453-REAR-6;
Matilda HERSHON, deceased august 6, 1987, D-453-REAR-7;
Leon Joel HERSHON, deceased December 30, 1987, D-453-FRONT-12;

Nobody seem to be inhumed in D-453-REAR-1?

Any "american" help woul be apprecied to complete my informations.

Daniel Vangheluwe, France

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