WW II Emigration, Belgium-->Palestine #general


Dear Genners,

Information I have received >from a relative indicates that a cousin was
born in Antwerp, Belgium around 1913 of parents who emigrated >from
Lithuania. She was a member of Hashomer Hatsair in Antwerp and around the
beginning of World War II she emigrated to Israel ( Palestine; legally or
She is said to have lived initially (?) in kibbutz Ein Harohesh. She later
lived in or near Kfar Saba and is buried in the Kfar Saba Cemetery(I have a
photo of her grave).
My questions are: How can I contact the appropriate source at the Kibbutz to
determine if any records relating to her exist ? Are their any lists or
information sources for those who immigrated during that period in time ?

Thanks for any information or insights you can provide

Sam Gelfand
Lewiston NY

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