Who conducted the ceremony of marriage our grandparents (vital Records) #general

דוד נ.א.

Hello everyone
Further to my previous question (the meaning of "occupations"), now I
am trying to extract more information >from the records, this time from
marriage records. >from my experience, every marriage record (Poland,
19th century) written in the local rabbi stood with the groom for the
purpose of registration. But, only in some of the records written
that Rabbi himself attended the religious ceremony held earlier
(usually in the synagogue).
This figure is important, because usually the identity of the rabbi
who conducted the chuppah was meaningful. This could indicate a person
belonged to Chassidus and more.
However, the formal registration much less significant, may have
always had to be the official Rabbi, even though he had no connection
to the family.
The question I ask myself is whether the rabbi who signed the record
is always local official rabbi ? And is it a sign that he performed
the wedding ceremony earlier, even if that is not specifically
mentioned in the record?

Would love to hear your opinion
Thank you
David Nesher

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