6 Popular Ports of Entry to the US (Not Everyone Came Through Ellis Island) -- New YouTube Video #general

Nolan Altman

The Jewish Genealogy Society of Long Island (JGSLI), winner of the IAJGS
2015 Outstanding Publication Award for its You Tube Channel, is pleased to
announce its latest video, "6 Popular Ports of Entry to the US (Not Everyone
Came through Ellis Island)".

When we think about the arrival of our immigrant ancestors to the US, we
tend to visualize what it must have been like to arrive in the port of New
York, get their first sighting of the Statue of Liberty and ferry over to
Ellis Island for processing. But guess what, not all immigrants to the US
came through New York's Ellis Island. There are many other ports that were
used by arriving immigrants. And their means of transportation wasn't
limited to ships. This video covers the 6 most popular ports of entry to
the US, between 1880 and 1920, and a couple of other methods used by new
arrivals to come to the US.

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Nolan Altman

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