Sleuthing help for Canadian Jewish ethical will by Feige Morantz (1935) in Montreal #general

Lesley Simpson

I am looking for information about a woman named Feige MORANTZ and
her children and potential grandchildren. She wrote an ethical will
November 25 1935 likely in the province of Quebec. The letter was
written in Yiddish and translated into English. It was part of the
collection of a community historian of Montreal named Allan Raymond
who donated it to the Jewish Public Library's archive in Montreal but
who is no longer alive. There is no information about the context of
her letter >from the donor, nor her life. I received it via email from
the Montreal archivist who has been really helpful.

I am hoping someone on the list serve can help me in the sleuthing quest.
I am doing research about Canadian Jewish ethical wills for my
dissertation. Any suggestions most appreciated as I am new to the
list serve. I am also looking for more Jewish ethical wills written by
Canadians. Any suggestions for sleuthing >from this community much

Lesley Simpson
PhD Candidate
Department of Humanities
Israel and Golda Koschitzky Centre for Jewish Studies
York University

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