Re: Massachusetts help needed #general

A. E. Jordan

Yesterday I asked for some help in the Boston area and thanks to everyone who
replied ... I will be it touch privately. But a few people wrote saying I
should have included the names.

The father was Samuel MORRISON born circa 1875 in Russia and immigrated in
1906. I have his immigration, naturalization, second marriage and census
1910, 1920, 1930 and 1940.

The mother was Fannie MORRISON.

The children:

Ethel born 1911 - died 1999
Rose (Rosa) born 1914 died 2013 married to Charles SMOLENSKY
George Bernard "Chick" born 1919 and died 2001 in Baltimore but apparently
buried with his sisters all on Pearl Street

The other two family names which we are trying to connect is Baker -- they
show up as "cousins" on the 1910 census and all in the same house but I do
not know the actual connection and what happened to them

The other one is ROSEN which should be connected to MORRISON as well.

Sorry for the omission ..... but since I am working on this best to speak
with me before you start digging in as I have gone through most of the
online resources and also have various bits being worked.... hate for someone
to jump in to duplicate something I have already done.

Depending on what happens/turns up the only help I may need is at one or two
cemeteries. It appears Pearl Street and Crawford Street are the targets but
I am speaking with both offices to see if they can help first.

Thank you.

Allan Jordan

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