ViewMate translation request - Russian #general

Todd Brody

Hello all. I've posted five vital records in Russian for which I
need a translation. These are all records for the Arfa family. I
believe that the records that I posted are >from the towns of Biezun
and Zuromin. There are two birth records here for a Juger Arfa or
Juger Arfan. If I could get a complete translation for these records,
that would greatly be appreciated. >from the other records, I am just
looking for genealogical information.

Thank you very much.

Todd Brody

(Searching for Arfa >from the following towns: Sierpc, Biezun, Zuromin,
Mlawa, Zielun, and Plock; searching for Braude >from Telsiai and
Alsedziai; searching for Grosser >from Sieniawa, Przemysl, and Jaroslaw;
and searching for Glass >from Sandomierz and Tarlow).

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