Let's Introduce Ourselves #bessarabia


My name is ALA (formal name Alexandra) GAMULKA and I was born in Bucharest,
Romania. My mother Bracha BERCOVICI was born in TARUTINO, Bessarabia to
Haia LERNER of BENDERY and Alter Moishe BERCOVICI (listed in the 1906 Duma
as coming >from Izmayil). My father was Isaac TULCHINSKY, born in TIRASPOL.
His parents were Hannah SHENKAR >from KISHINEV and Yoseph Tulchinsky of
Tiraspol. You can read my father's story on the Bessarabia SIG page. He
lived in Bendery for many years. Several years ago I was lucky to find
Yefim Kogan through jewishgen. His ggm was my father's half-sister. So we
are related!

My husband was born in Kovel, now Ukraine and his parents were first cousins.
He survived the war hiding in the forest. Many members of the extended family
came to Canada, United States and Israel. I have not been able to find any
information on the Gamulka side as most of them werel murdered by the Nazis.
When I hit stumbling blocks, and there have been many, I use my knowledge of
languages to contribute to jewishgen. I translated the Rokitno Yizkor Book
my husband's home town) and I am now doing two projects: translating the
Bendery Yizkor Book and transliterating/translating the Bendery Business
I have lived in Canada for many years Montreal and now Toronto) and I am a
retired educator.

Ala Gamulka

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