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Hello Group!

My name is Alex Volkov, my maternal grandfather Saul (Shael) Falicoff
so spelled as Falikov and variations) was born in Tarutino (Tarutine, Anchok
rak), Bessarabia, in 1912.

Few of Saul's paternal line relatives, Falicoffs, lived in Tarutino, but
they mostly arrived >from Kylia, with a possible brief stop in Vilkovo
(possibly for just one generation before Saul). At least three Falicoffs
lived in Tarutino at the time of WW II (besides my grandfather), >from where
two of them went to WW II as soldiers to fight and survived, although
severely wounded.

Saul's maternal line had last name Genesin (or Ghinessin) and they lived in
Tarutino for several generations, arrived there >from Dombroveni. Ghinessins
came to settle in Dombroveni early in 19th century (revisions list says they
bought a license) and stood there for at least 50 years.

Genessins and Falicoffs had several inter-family marriages, I know of at least
two. By a funny coincidence Itzhok Genesin (my great-great-grandfather) had
several daughters, while Usher-Meyer Falicoff had mostly sons.

His father, Moses Falicoff immigrated to USA in 1913, when Saul was still
baby. Moses arrived to NY, to his father, Asher-Meyer Falicoff, who immigrated
earlier. Asher-Meyer had 2 or 3 wives during his life, and arrived to USA
approximately in 1905, with his youngest son on his hands (born during the
trip). Asher-Meyer had many sons, to descendants of at least two of those
I as able to connect. He later took a trip on a steamship >from NY to England
and that ship was sank by Germans, during WW I. It could be Lucitania, but
there are no facts confirming it.

Saul Falicoff, with his mother Rosa Genessin and his sister Dvoira Falicoff,
came to USA in 1920s, according to ship's papers with a permanent residence
permission. But, something didn't work out, all three returned back to
Tarutino, and consequentially Rosa and Dvoira were shot to death by Nazis,
when WW II started. Also, first wife of Saul and a baby (either Saul's
or Dvoira)were shot. It happened in town called Mineralnue Vodi, where family
was found on their escape migration trip away >from the frontline. Saul himself
survived, because he happened to be away at the time of execution, he went to
look for a job.

He later joined Soviet Red Army as a doctor (he graduated >from Iasi University
as surgeon in 1937) and fought Nazis through the war, also met there a nurse,
my future grandmother, my mother was born right after the war's end, and
that's how I eventually was born.

During my research, I found that a big branch of Falicoffs >from Kylia
immigrated to Argentina, some still remain there, and some branches later
re-immigrated to USA. >from what we found, it appears that Falicoffs was a huge
family in Kylia at the eve of 19th century, plenty of cousins and children.

Alex Volkoff

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