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Rose Feldman <rosef@...>

The Israel Genealogy Research Association has a number of lists in its
collection. Registration to do a search is free. You may find him
there. One of the lists is the index of the forums filled out by
people for the Museum called Beit Hagdudim in Avihayil. There are also
some lists >from other places.

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From: Ben Forman <>
Date: Fri, 16 Sep 2016 13:00:28 +0100

How do I find out the Unit of the 38th Royal Fusiliers in which mt
Great Grandfather served, his regimental number was J.518. There's a
war diary on Ancestry which is for the 2nd Battalion 29th Division, in
the Gallipoli Section. I don't think it's relevant to my GGF as I know
he was shipped out to Egypt and served in Palestine but it would help
to find out more.

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