Let's Introduce Ourselves #bessarabia

Bruce Ballaban <bruce.ballaban@...>

Hello All,

My name is Bruce Ballaban and my family came >from the town of Yampol.
I have been lucky enough to find the marriage record of my great
grandparents, Shoil Zalman Balaban and Feyga Preyger. She came from
Tulchin. I know that his father was Meir/Meer and his mother was
Sarah. >from searching the records I believe there was a group of
Balaban's in Yampol, however I'm having difficulty making the
connections. Were they cousins? I don't have much information on
Yampol. I know that my great grandparents were killed by the Nazis in

I haven't been there, but I would like to go.

Anything anyone can tell me about Yampol and where I might be able to
find more information would be great.

Thanks and good luck everyone!

Bruce Ballaban

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