Re: Imprisoned on the Isle of Man: Jewish Refugees Classified as "Enemy Aliens" #galicia

Ann Rabinowitz

In response to the posts by Tony Hausner and Andrew Greene on the above
topic, there were Jews who were designated as "enemy aliens" in England
not only during World War II, but also during World War I. I am
familiar with this as my grandfather and many of his relatives and
neighbors in Manchester, England, were sent to the Isle of Man for
detention at that time.

They were mainly >from the Drohobycz and Boryslaw, Ukraine area and
either weren't naturalized or had served in the Austro-Hungarian Army
prior to immigrating to England. In fact, recently, I found a record
on in their Britain, enemy aliens and internees, First
and Second World Wars Images database for my grandfather's sister.
The record was a Female Enemy Alien-Exemption >from Internment-Non-Refugee

For those seeking info on this topic the data in is quite

Ann Rabinowitz

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