Introducing ourselvess RIVLIN, ALEXANDROV, DOLINER of Bendery #bessarabia

Jules Feldman

As part of the "introducing ourselves" thread:

My wife Nitsan RIVLIN is the granddaughter of Shneur Zalman RIVLIN who was
born in Kochanova, Belarus and lived in Bendery in some of the years between
1900 and 1917. He probably followed his sister Fruma Dvora RIVLIN to Bendery. She
was married to Avraham Shimon ALEXANDROV of whom there is mention in the Bendery
Yizkor Book p193. Avraham Shimon ALEXANDROV, who was born in Novgorod, was a
bank manager and printer.

Also living in Bendery were
- a brother, Yakov RIVLIN. His family by the 1920s were living in Leningrad.
- a sister , Chana RIVLIN, who was married to her first cousin, Efraim
Fishel RIVLIN. Efraim Fishel died in Bendery in 1932. His son Feivel RIVLIN
was married to Genia DOLINER. Their son Phillip tells that the family were
evacuated >from Bendery into Russia in 1940 after the Nazis invaded and in
1946 were exiled to Siberia, eventually settling in Omsk.

There were also more distant RIVLIN relatives in Bendery.
Yitschak Isaac RIVLIN-NICHOLSBERG (or NIKOLSHPRUG) was born in Bendery in
1879 and was married in Kishinev in 1909.

It is interesting to note that in the same years that the 4 RIVLIN siblings
migrated >from Belarus to Bendery, 3 younger siblings migrated to New York.
Was this area attracting Jews >from other places in Russia?
Can anyone add details on the "Evakuatsia" >from Bendery in 1940?

Jules Feldman
Kibbutz Yizreel, Israel

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