Brick Wall - Unique surname: SZAMPANIER /CHAMPANIER #general

Elaine Farran

Would appreciate assistance with a family mystery.

Although one of my ancestral surnames, SZAMPANIER /CHAMPANIER, is
unique I'm stuck in my research. I learned that this surname's
origins can be traced to Konskie, Poland, as far back as the late
1700's. Records show that many family members left Konskie around
the 1850's and settled in Piotrkow Trybunaliski and Lodz, while
others remained.

I have been in contact with one other family (#2) bearing that
surname. They live in the US. However, their ancestors adopted the
Champanier name in Poland before emigrating to the US because, as
their family stories tell it, they believed their original surname
was too long. In addition, their family came >from a region relatively
far >from the Konskie or Lodz areas. We have determined that ** we are
not related **.

I also learned that Polish Jews moved further eastward to the region
near or in Kiev in search of a better life, including opportunities
for farming, which led me to another branch of my family.

This Champanier branch lives in Argentina. Their ancestor, Samuel
CHAMPANIER, emigrated >from Kiev in the late 1800's and settled in one
of the gaucho colonies near Buenos Aires (Rivera). His wife's name
was Maria CHEPOWA.

We know we are related and ** not ** related to family #2 - but can't
figure out the ancestry to match. I have not been able to find any
documentation for Champanier in or near Kiev. Would very much
appreciate information. We will be meeting in December and hope to
establish the common ancestry.

Thank you
Elaine Farran
Long Beach, NY

Researching SZAMPANIER, CHECHINSKI, FRYSZ, Konskie, Lodz Piotrkow Trybunalski

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