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Learn about the Flip Side of Genealogy

How often have you regretted your failure to engage the elder generations of your
family for information about their memories? David Kendall, author of When
Descendants Become Ancestors, the featured speaker at the Wednesday, October 5th
meeting of the Jewish Genealogy Society of Cleveland, will share how our own life
experiences are genealogical sources to record and preserve for future use. In his
book, Dr. Kendall notes: "As we research our own ancestors and mourn the lack of
information available to us, we forget that we are the future ancestors of our
descendants. And if we don't leave to them the kinds of information about our lives
that we crave to know about our own forefathers, then we are merely perpetuating
the problem."

David Kendall, Ph.D. was raised in a small tourist village of less than 2000
inhabitants on the Canadian border in northern New York State where he has returned
in retirement. Dr. Kendall is a graduate of Cornell University with a major in
government and a specialization in international relations. Following ten years as
a high school teacher and school counselor, he obtained his doctorate >from the
University of Pittsburgh and spent the next thirty years as a professor in the
graduate school Department of Counselor Education at the State University of New
York at Brockport (near Rochester), complementing his teaching with a part-time
private practice in personal and family counseling.

When Descendants Become Ancestors: The Flip Side of Genealogy is his first book the
inspiration for which came >from his great-grandmother's 1865 diary. Dr. Kendal's
book will be available at the meeting.

The Jewish Genealogy Society of Cleveland meets on the first Wednesday evening of
the month starting at 7:30 PM in the Miller Board Room at Menorah Park, 27100 Cedar
Road, Beachwood. Board members are available >from 7:00 PM to assist with
individual research questions. Guests are welcome. RSVP to

Sylvia Abrams
1st Vice-president for Programming
Jewish Genealogy Society of Cleveland

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